Pre Wedding Photography Gold Coast Shoot

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Pre Wedding Photography Gold Coast Shoot

Very popular, couples visiting the Gold Coast to create an unforgettable pre-wedding photoshoot. Trust us to capture the emotions and small moments that make your pre-wedding truly magical. Experience the stunning beauty of the Gold Coast as we guide you through iconic locations and hidden gems for your pre-wedding shoot.

Location 1 | Emerald Lakes French Quarter

The day you've always dreamed of... Jenny & Max

Wanting a Special Experience

Their wedding is in Hong Kong, but they wanted a unique experience by an international photographer to shoot their pre-wedding photography. A pre-wedding date at Emerald Lake and a love so strong you won't be able to stop looking at their photos!

Endless Possibilities

Romance is in the air! Emerald Lakes French Quarter location in Carrara, Queensland is like walking on the streets of Europe. The European influence of the venue instantly evokes its sophistication and beauty. The streets have stunning earth tone architecture, elegant arches, steps and fountains. The perfect recipe for love.

The cloudy weather of the day seemed to be a challenge as light was limited and the sun kept disappearing behind clouds and buildings. This French Quarter location in Emerald Lakes is the perfect setting with classic streetscapes and colorful buildings as a backdrop. There are so many areas to photograph, from cobbled streets to iconic steps of grandeur and influence. Take inspiration from earth-toned architecture, dark wrought iron and intricate stonework, and use flowing sand roses and succulent camellias.

Location 2 | Gold Coast Beach

The day you've always dreamed of... Jenny & Max

A story to remember..

When looking for pre-wedding photographers in Brisbane, Gold Coast, it's important to consider not only how they shoot, but also how they tell their story. We know exactly how to capture a wedding and turn the album into a cinematic love story, not just a series of photographs.

Endless Creative Possibilities

In addition to our creativity and innovative ideas, we also pay special attention to the technology of cameras and creative skills. Our Brisbane (Gold Coast) pre-wedding photographers are equipped with multiple cameras to ensure they are always ready to capture true moments. If you are looking for quality service, innovative ideas and a wedding album with a story, Picrama Studio is the right place. Celebrate your engagement to the love of your life with a Gold Coast wedding photography session!

We see ourselves as storytellers who focus on capturing the emotions of your wedding day and the little things that make your wedding magical. Our approach is to ensure our couples are relaxed and able to be themselves... because your wedding should be authentic and enjoyable!

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