About Me

I am also getting married!

Why I became a photographer and videographer

I am also getting married!

I LOVE love, and shooting weddings it's all about shooting the fun, laugher, joy, and moments that happen. Like you, I am also getting married, and I understand why it is so important to have these photo and video memories for years to come. The real value of capturing once in a lifetime events, is looking back at your memories in 20 years and even 50 years time.

I would be honoured and grateful for the opportunity to create these memories for you.

I am also getting married!

A passion based photographer and videographer in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

During High School, Art was my favourite subject and it's the one subject I spent the most time on, and following up with a Bachelor of Architecture, I knew that I wanted to be a creative. Every day my mind would wonder in creative ways thinking of all the different possibilities. And it is with this love of creativity, art and passion that I started shooting photography and videography for myself and importantly, for you.

Ray was an absolute gem to work with! He definitely went beyond what we expected, and the photographs were absolutely amazing. So happy with his service, and made our day extra fun :D

— Katie > Josh, Bride > Groom